Breakfast Crunch

This yummy, easy to prepare seed and nut crunch is a delicious addition to furit and glutenfree pancakes and yogurt

Traditional Dal

Cooked lentil recipes are a fantastic source of nutrients ideal for a large variety of health conditions and general good health. Extremely rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, a dal recipe can provide a meal benefiting the digestive tract, blood cholesterol levels, nutrient levels and cardio vascular health. All can enjoy dal, whether vegetarian or not. Yum!


Hummus is great used as a dip for fresh cut vegetables and is extremely simple and quick to make. It is also used as a spread for wraps, toast, crackers and can be used in salads. This dish originates in the middle-east many years ago, and several cuisine-related sources speak of a folklore tale in which hummus is described as one of the oldest known prepared foods. Chickpeas and sesame seeds contain protein they are also full of essential nutrients, mineral and fiber.


 A smoothie is a great way to get all your dietary needs in one delicious glass. They are a great meal idea for people trying to stay healthy, lose weight, gain muscle and increase fibre. Smoothies can be used to sneak in servings of vegetables and fruits into adults' and children's meal plans. A smoothie is only as healthy as the ingredients used to make it. Simply blending a banana with ice and skim milk does not constitute a healthy smoothie. You can omit or change ingredients to suit your tastes!

Healthy Brownies

A healthy and delicious treat for the whole family containing no nasty ingredients and completely gluten free. Raw cacao powder is a key ingredient in the brownie and is high in natural antioxidants, magnesium for energy production and neuromuscular health, sulfur required for strong nails and hair, and phenyl which is a natural mood enhancer. 


This is a great source of slow release energy, protein, healthy fats, nutrients and minerals. Completely gluten free, ideal for a snack, and perfect for that sweat tooth that can get you into trouble. You can omit or change ingredients to suit your tastes!